Mercedes-Benz Germany ask Bogus Brothers to kick off their community day to 40,000 guests

Well you may be forgiven for thinking the lads have been quiet of late but we have been busy behind the scenes revamping our energetic and exciting show to make it even more memorable and we've certainly kicked it off with a big one. This weekend we were in Bremen Germany for that exclusive car brand Mercedes at the headquarters to open their Family day to over 40,000 specially invited guests.

Well we suppose when you employ 12,500 people and produce 300,000 C Class mercedes Benz cars a year from just this plant in Bremen you deserve a party!

The weather was sunny and conditions perfect for our return to the big stage. Maka was on top form entertaining the crowd and a few new numbers and dances were introduced along with our new stage costumes that caused a big stir with the amazing crowd. We hope you like the leather look?

Click on this youtube link to see what it looks like to perform in front of 40,000 enthusiastic guests for Mercedes-Benz

40,000 guests for Merecedes Benz in Bremen

Theres plenty more exciting news to come so keep coming back for more information on the adventures of Bogus Brothers and remember to tell your friends and share, share, share!

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